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"Erin was such a great addition to the team. She has a great understanding of branding and aesthetics. Is able to work within a creative team and convey ideas confidential. Always a pleasure to work with, so much so that we worked with Erin on a freelance capacity once the work placement was over." - Leanne Haynes, director of Elsie and Fred



"The content Winnie Social creates is next level. Erin took our brief and created the most amazing graphics for our brand. I couldn’t be happier with the service provided!" - Em Houghton, owner of Ems the Label



"Erin is a dream to work with - not only is she an extremely talented photographer, she is also so kind, easy-going and welcoming. I have modelled for her on multiple occasions and as someone who often feels awkward and worries about what they look like, she has always managed to restore my confidence by reassuring me and giving me guidance with poses etc. As a model, I often struggle to find synergy with a team when it comes to looking back at images - but Erin’s work is always one of the very few exceptions. My absolute favourite photoshoot results have been thanks to her, so I can’t recommend enough 💖" - Mia Cotton, model and owner of Mimis Garms



"Winnie social created great content for us that complimented our brand image perfectly! We loved what Erin did for us and would 100% recommend!"- Jasmin Bernard, owner of Jazzy Garms

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